This is why we all need films, Now

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As I write this piece, the world today has really shut down. Fear has gripped our hearts in these past few months like a hungry leech that latches on to a gushing vein, slowly feeding off our happiness and our mortality. Sometimes it feels like we are living in script. A thriller where the writer has bestowed us with every possible damnation of nature and man made disaster that comes to one’s mind, but has forgotten to give us the actor’s our actions and dialogues. As we huddle through this ’Time’ distanced from each other in being but held together in existence, a gloom has fogged our minds and hearts. Taking the spark out from our eyes, extinguishing our desire to dream. And that is why, more than ever we need films now! If we really want to make it through this.

There isn’t one medium in this whole wide world that can compete with the power that movies have over an audience. It says that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a movie is certainly worth an entire lifetime. Time and again various social experiments, political experiments, academic experiments and entertainment experiments have proved that the communication made through films impacts it’s viewers in a far deeper way than any other indirect medium of mass communication. This is mainly because of one thing. A powerful intimacy that a moving image can create with it’s viewers in order to directly impact their emotions. In simpler words, film has the power to get to our hearts!

This is why we need more film now! More than ever. With jobs on the decline, war raging in half of the subcontinent and the entire world living in fear of being affected by an invisible virus.

A powerful story will inspire dreams. Even in the perils, the average human beings dependence on films prove one clear point. The necessity of films in one‘s life has drastically gone up when other forms of social interactions have been taken away. Finally we have the viewer’s attention regularly. This is why we need more films now. There is a demand for stories, and if we can fulfil that demand through our stories, diverse as they may be, their will be a global audience waiting to receive them. This is the time when every filmmaker has got the world’s attention. This is why we need more films Now.

We have come to a point where the internet has gone from being a part of our lives to being the most important parts of our lives. In this race for being online all the time, we have un knowingly connected ourselves with the world. Finding an audience has become that much easier. Thanks to the streaming sites, the audience is now exposed to a vast array of contents made in a vast number of styles. This opens up the room for experiment, of developing more and more stories that defy and challenge the set rules and formula narratives. There is finally a receptive global audience that we can reach waiting to watch films, no matter how diverse. This is why we need more films, Now!.

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